Weathering car flats

by Brian Roper

Some while ago, I purchased the weathered version of the Oxford Car Flat Transporter and notice immediately there was a major flaw in the weathering – there was no weathering on the planks where the cars were driven!

To resolve this was simple. Using a 3B pencil and a steel rule, I drew several parallel lines on the planks to where the tyre tracks would be.

Next, I picked up my trusty DOGA Track Cleaner and rubbed it along the pencil marks to spread out the pencil lines and make them a single mark.

Finally, fitting the chock blocks and a car to the wagon, just another 3 wagon flats and 8 cars to go!

All material Copyright the Double O Gauge Association 2022
This article first appeared in The Journal  Volume 26 Issue No 2  Summer 2021