McModelling aids

by Phil Parker

I’m a messy modeller. Although my modeling space is a comfortable 4ft by 2ft, but all the work takes place on a wooden cutting board under a foot square in the middle. Around this is a sea of swarf and tools not currently in use. Of course the moment I start taking something to bits I loose all the nuts, bolts and screws in the detritus. Like most of us I have a collection of little pots from various sources littering the place – effectiveness but not pretty. As they don’t stack, valuable space is wasted.

The solution came to me over a burger. It seems that our American cousins have never discovered the traditional British giant tomato shaped ketchup bottle, preferring to use a silver pump thingy. So, the posher McDonalds burger shops now have a “station” where you can do this. But as they don’t want the customer spraying it everywhere little pots are provided. These are made from wax paper and stack beautifully. Ideal for little bits from models or mixing paint, just help yourself to a selection.

Oh, and grab some of the useful wooden coffee stirring sticks too. Great for wagon loads.

This article was first published in the Summer 2008 Double O Gauge Association Journal
All Material copyright the Double O Gauge Association 2008