Compensated Chassis in Motion

Compensated Chassis in Motion

by Tony Newton

Elsewhere (Journal of the OO Gauge Association, Summer 2016) I’ve written a high-falutin’ treatise to the effect that compensating the chassis of a OO gauge engine is a good thing, and it’s not just a matter of keeping it on the track: it just rides better.

Maybe a bit more proof of the pudding is in order.

My track isn’t the most perfect in the world, and there are places where elderly 2×1 deal shows its limitations by distorting and leaving a hump where baseboards join.

Watch the sequences above (filmed on mobile phone, hand held) and see how a rigid chassis (Hornby black 5) rears up at the front whilst crossing such a hump, marked by the white blob at rail level, whilst a fully compensated GC/LNER A5 oozes over it.

This article was first published in the Summer 2016 Double O Gauge Association Journal
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