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AGM Modelling Competition 2003

  Class 1 - Kitbuilt and scratchbuilt locomotives
  Winner: Kit built DJH West Country as preserved by the Taw Valley Railway. Built by Jack Richards West Country
  Runner up: 9F. Scratchbuilt pipework, open filler on tender, working fallplate, scratch pony truck. Markits safety valves, smokebox dart, sprung buffers. Albert Goodall 3 piece screw link coupling. Built by Robert Thompson 9F
  Class 2 - Converted/detailed RTR locomotives
  Winner: Hornby Terrier. Added details and weathered. Built by Phil Parker
  Runner up: Take 1 Hornby 2-6-0 2MT, a razor saw & six Romford wheels + 3mm scrap brass. Built by Phil Snowdon.
  Class 3 - Scratchbuilt and Kitbuilt DMU's
  Winner: Class 101. DC Kits/Hornby power unit. Built by: Gerard Pearson Class 101
  Runner up: GWR Twin railcar. Perserverance kit fitted with Black Beetle motor bogies. Built by Eddie Hughes Flying Banana
  Class 4 - Converted/detailed RTR DMU's
  Winner: Class 121 Single unit & trailer. Modified Lima. Built by Eddie Hughes Class 121
  Runner up: Pressed steel single unit from Lima 117. Built by Phil Snowdon Bubble Car
  Class 5 - Scratchbuilt and Kitbuilt rolling stock
  Winner: Rake of scratchbuilt Class A tank wagons. Built by Eddie Hughes Tank wagons
  Runner up: BR D1/109 mineral wagon. Parkside Dundas kit with Masokits underframe and brake gear. Alan Gibson wheels & sprung buffers. Built by Christopher Rabson
  Class 6 - Converted/detailed RTR rolling stock
  Winner: ex Hornby Dublo horsebox van. Scratch built doors, brake gear, internal bearings. 14mm Jackson Wheels. Built by Robert Thompson
  Runner up: Generic LNER well wagon. Modified from Triang Battlespace wagon. Built by Eddie Hughes
  Class 7 - Scenic items. (Ahern Trophy)
  Winner: Scratchbuilt model of Mortimer station & waiting shelter c1947. Built by Eddie Hughes. Mortimer Station
  Runner up: Painting a water tower. Built by Alvar York