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AGM Modelling Competition 2002

Thanks to everyone who took part in this years competition.

Unfortunately the photographs aren't the best in the world but I hope they allow you to see the quality of the entries.

One of our top photographers at work producing an exciting action shot by pulling the loco.

Class 1 Winner: P Parker
Kitbuilt and scratchbuilt locomotives Kitbuilt Ex-LNWR Dock Tank

Ex-LNWR Dock Tank

Class 2 Winner: J Richards
Converted/detailed RTR locomotives Weathered & detailed Bachmann WD

Weathered & detailed WD

Class 3 Winner: C Snowdon
Scratchbuilt and Kitbuilt DMU's Derby Single - MTK Kit

Derby single DMU

Class 4 Winner: P Snowdon
Converted/detailed RTR DMU's Class 104 from Hornby 110

Class 104

Class 5 Winner: E Hughes
Scratchbuilt and Kitbuilt rolling stock GWR Wagons
GWR Wagons

Class 6 Winner: C Snowdon
Converted/detailed RTR rolling stock LBSC Push-Pull set from Triang Clerestories
Push-Pull set

Class 7 Winner: C Snowdon
Scenic items. (Ahern Trophy) St Arachnida's Church

Let us pray for - St Arachnida's Church

Click here for more photographs from the 2002 AGM modelling competition.